Meeting young people from the Children's Home

Meeting young people from the Children’s Home

Emergency Appeal: Children’s Home

On a trip to Myanmar in 2015 a team from the PCANZ spent some time at the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar’s (PCM) Children’s Home. They discovered that, due to financial reasons, their major supporters have had to pull their support. This has left the Children’s Home in urgent need.

The future of the home is uncertain, but what is known is that there are 41 children still in the home’s care. Through the Ricebowl Mission the PCANZ has been a supporter of the home since 2007.

Ricebowl Mission will continue to raise funds for the Children’s Home until the future of the home will be decided. While a few of the children do have some family connections and therefore have places to go, others have none and there is a real need for their on-going care. Once PCM has made its decisions about the future we anticipate some continuing involvement will be likely.

Please join with us in praying for the Children’s Home, the planning for the future and for the 41 children who are currently under their care. Please consider donating, knowing that every dollar raised will be going directly to the home. You can help us meet this need.

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